The People

“Anne Kaye and Gateway were always there when we needed them: quick, on the spot and crystal clear about the working relationship. Their work went well beyond technology to organizational, program and people development. I highly recommend Gateway.””
Tim Beachy, CEO (Retired), United Community Services Co-op

  • Anne Kaye

  • President

Anne is a hands-on practicing, professional consultant. She’s honed her skills as a project manager, group facilitator, coach and communicator on more projects than she can count. She has a knack for making complexity understandable. She’s a keen listener and a skilled communicator.
Anne has spent most of her career working with mission-based organizations. She’s worked with community and social services, with environmental agencies, with co-operatives and not-for-profits. She’s also worked in resources and retail, insurance and manufacturing. The industry or the type of project is not that important for Anne, it’s the opportunity to serve her clients, team members and co-workers that inspires her. She’s proud of the many relationships of trust and mutual respect that she’s developed during her career.
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  • Lynn Swanson

  • Principal

Lynn has devoted most of her career to the art and science of Adult Education. She’s pioneered the concepts of role-focused and performance-based training, and is recognized by her peers and clients as an expert in training evaluation. Lynn understands the many ways in which adults learn and applies this to her instructional design to transform knowledge into understanding, and understanding into sustained performance.

Lynn has managed training projects in multiple lines of business and industries. She’s built training for an exceptionally broad range of topics from systems applications to customer service, and from job site safety to machine embroidery! Lynn believes her job is to first understand what her clients want to accomplish, and then to support them in achieving it. Lynn is passionate about her work and loves her clients.
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Gateway carefully maintains a collaborative network of highly skilled, independent associates who we know and trust. These are some of the talented people we call on to help us serve our clients:

Gateway believes in the power of collaboration. We love to work with other companies that can provide complementary skills to ours. Here are some of the companies with whom we have partnered:

Detail Communications
Fresh Net
Quartech Systems
IS Solutions
Lodestar Financial Services
United Community Services Cooperative