After more than 20 years of working on projects, we know what kind of help our clients typically need to bring a project to a successful conclusion and to have the changes they’ve made take root in the organization.

“Gateway gets it. They have an uncanny ability to cut through the clutter and provide elegant solutions to complex problems. We’ve been impressed with the positive impact they’ve created.”
Peter ter Weeme, Principal, Junxion Strategy, Vancouver

Get the job done on time, on budget and with a happy team through professional Project Management

Project Management is all about doing two things well: building and maintaining a viable plan, and leading the team as they execute it. A project always belongs to its team. The team members bring a project to a successful conclusion when they believe in the goals, they are clear about their role and what’s expected of them, they have the skills and knowledge to do the work assigned to them, and they support one another in their collaborative effort. The art of project management lies in leading a team to their success. The science is in the devilish details of the tasks and dependencies, the budget, the schedule, and the scope.

Our Project Managers are skilled in the art of leadership and the science of management.

Build capacity and support success through Active Coaching for your Project Managers and team members.

Active Coaching is hands-on, on-the-job skills transfer. We work side-by-side with your project managers and team members – on real project tasks – to support them in building the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the project environment.

When leaders ask employees to work on a project, they sometimes don’t realize that they are asking them to make a fundamental paradigm shift – a 180 degree change from the cyclical routine of operational jobs – and consequently they don’t give the team the support they need to be successful.

Our Active Coaches build team capacity at the same time as getting the project work done.

Strengthen project teams and get full value from group work through Professional Facilitation.

Using a Professional Facilitator to guide project workshops and meetings helps you get a positive ROI on the time and money you commit to them. Next time you are in an unproductive, boring meeting, add up what it’s costing in salaries and consultants fees. Then think about the opportunity that’s been missed to get to goal and inspire the team.

Our Facilitators are professionally certified by the International Association of Facilitators and experienced in working on a wide variety of projects.

Engage the organization in the project’s success through Outcome-Oriented Communication.

Outcome-oriented communication is communication that instigates action. It begins with asking two questions: “who’s your audience?” And, “what do you want them to do with the information you give them?” And ends with another question: “did you get the results you wanted?” Most projects produce a mountain of written materials… cases, plans, proposals, reports, emails, meeting notes, blog posts, presentations…that are intended for audiences external to the project team. Engaging active support for the project depends on the effectiveness of these communications.

Our Writers design communication strategies and write communication materials that get your words to your audience and get your audience to take action.

Sustain the changes you are making through Performance-based Training.

Sustained change is the reason why organizations invest in a project, yet frequently the changes don’t take root. One of the key reasons for this is that employees don’t fully understand their new job responsibilities, how to use new tools, or even why either of these matter. Performance-based training enables employees to do their jobs successfully by giving them the skills and knowledge they need, within the context of their role in the organization, and to a pre-determined standard of performance.

Our Instructional Designers and Trainers build and deliver training that produces sustained results – and we prove that it does through built-in evaluation measures.